Frequently Asked Questions 

- Should I repair or replace my windshield?

Repairs are available for chipped or cracked windshields. Damage ranging from the size of a quarter or cracks up to the size of a dollar. Our phone representatives will ask questions to narrow down if a repair is in your best interest. Affordable Windshields goal is to save the windshield and save you money. 

- How long will my windshield installation take?

Today, windshield replacements can be performed in under a hour. With mobile service being offered, we bring the installation to you. Taking the hassle of sitting in a waiting room for hours. Please keep in mind that installation time can vary based on features and vehicle make and model. Here at Affordable Windshields we understand that time can be limited.  

- Will getting the insurance involved increase my policies premium?  

There are several ways to answer this questions, first it's important to speak with your insurance company to clarify if you are covered for auto glass replacements. Once you've established whether or not you are covered we can then move forward from there. As for it increasing your premiums, this will depend on the insurance company.

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