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Windshield Replacement

Affordable Windshields is the No.1 choice when it comes your auto glass needs. All of our installers have more then 5 years of experience and undergo quarterly training to ensure quality assurance. We believe its important to keep our installers up to date on all the of today's installation techniques. As vehicles continue to offer more to the consumer, the precautions and attention to detail become more important. At Affordable Windshields we guarantee our work. We have experience on all vehicle makes and models. Here we believe that quality work shouldn't put you in a financial burden. "Affordable Windshields" is our motto, and what we aim to continue. 

vehicle door glass
Vehicle Door Glass 

Vehicle door glass is broken far to often nowadays. The increase in vehicle vandalism is rising. Affordable Windshields is the only auto glass shop to turn to when faced with an unexpected expense like vandalism. We're one of the only companies that offer discounts to customer's when dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Please inform our technician of the vandalism when requesting an auto glass quote. We work with several vendors in the area which allows us to offer the most affordable price for vehicle door glass. To learn more please contact our office. We have technicians standing by to answer any questions you make have. 
Vehicle Back Glass
Vehicle Back Glass

Vehicle back glass replacement has changed over the years. Today many vehicles are equipped with features that many customers are unaware of till speaking with a representative. At Affordable Windshields we understand that the broken vehicle glass is an inconvenience and unexpected expense. It's important to use a creditable auto glass shop when choosing a company in the Inland Empire. You'll be pleased to learn that our technicians have experience on all vehicle year makes and models. Making us the No.1 choice when it comes to your vehicle auto glass needs. Call today to learn more. 

Vehicle Quarter Glass Break
Vehicle Quarter Glass

Vehicle Quarter Glass repair can be costly these days. With vehicle glass becoming more complex, "quarter glass" can be equipped with antennas, defrost, and other feature that make the repair expensive. At Affordable Windshields we make repairs and replacement fast, but more importantly affordable. To learn more about your vehicle quarter glass, contact our office so we may further assist you. Our technicians will guide you in making the best choice for your auto glass needs. We carry a large inventory in auto glass, allowing us to keep cost down and provide faster service. We look forward to speaking with you. 
Affordable Windshields Repair
Windshield Repair 

Windshield repair is a technique that's grown in popularity over the last decade. Many customers are not aware of the technique or how it's performed. These type of repair's are cost efficient, saving customer's hundreds if not thousands depending on the year make and model of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many auto glass shops refrain from informing customers of the auto glass repair option. Mainly because there's no profit with windshield repair. At Affordable Windshields we ask our customers questions, allowing our technicians the opportunity to see if a repair is an option. We believe in helping our customers and making your auto glass experience one you will refer to family and friends. Call today to schedule your auto glass repair. 
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