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 At Affordable Windshields our aim is to make auto glass replacement fast, convenient and above all else "Affordable". Whether you happen to be a new or returning customer, we are here to carter to your needs. Over the years we have seen the auto glass industry change. Throughout this change, Affordable Windshields has gained a reputation for providing affordable prices with exceptional service. Since we took on the auto glass industry in 2009, we've encountered in influx in auto glass providers.  With this influx of auto glass providers, so has the increase in poor workmanship. Leading many customers to turn to us to properly install their vehicle glass. At Affordable Windshields we go the extra mile by only installing quality products. All of our installers have over 4 years of experience and required to pass a quality assurance exam. This allows us to guarantee our workmanship. Affordable Windshields takes customers satisfaction serious, and we aim to make you a returning or referring customer


Today, many auto glass providers have turned to running their business solely out of their truck. These auto glass providers tend to offer you a low price with little to no details about the glass or warranty. Affordable Windshields took the opportunity to look further into these auto glass providers. We weren't surprised to learn of the details behind the auto glass companies. Unfortunately, many customers are being sold used or low quality auto glass. Some installs are being set with adhesives that don't meet state requirements to be deemed safe. Many times these type of auto glass providers don't inform the customer of the product their installing intrigued customers with just a low price. At Affordable Windshields, we feel it's important to make you aware of the products available today. 

Please give us a call so we can answer any auto glass questions you may have. 

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