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Windshield Replacement
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Southern California relies on one windshield replacement shop to cater to their auto glass needs, Affordable Windshields. Our company has gained the trust of the community by earning a reputation for being the most used windshield replacement shop today. You'll be pleased to learn that we offer mobile service, this means we can work on the vehicle from any location, work or home. We offer this to accommodate to anyone's schedule, taking away the hassle of waiting around in a shop. Today, most windshield replacements can be performed in under a hour. This can vary based on the vehicle year, make and model. The installation process starts by cutting into the existing urethane on the vehicle. Urethane is what bonds the windshield to the vehicle. Once this has been done the installer will strip any existing urethane that is left in the pinch-weld, its important that this is done in order to ensure the windshield is level when being set. By clearing the pinch-weld of any existing urethane you cut the chance of water leaks or air leaks occurring. At this point the pinch-weld and windshield should receive a thin layer of primer to help bond and cure the windshield to the vehicle. Once a fresh layer of urethane has been set in the pinch-weld, the installer with set the windshield into place. Once the vehicle windshield has been set we ask that you leave the vehicle for at least four hours. This is important and allows the windshield to bond to the vehicle properly. These steps are important to be aware of, it keeps customer like you informed and ensures proper installation. 

Know Your Auto Glass

With the economy coming out of a financial roller coaster, many windshield replacements shops have turned to using low quality auto glass or installing used auto glass. This has made it hard for companies like us to explain how essential it is for your safety to know whats being installed on your vehicle. Many companies that install used or low quality auto glass and products offer prices that are outrageously low. Unfortunately, price is what gets a customers attention and most of the time no questions are asked about the auto glass. Companies that offer these products often work solely for themselves and more times then not offer a limited warranty with their installs. If they do offer one, its doesn't cover the glass. Affordable Windshields on the other-hand does. When choosing Affordable Windshields to preform your windshield replacement you'll be happy to know that we stand behind our work. We know that providing you with top of the line products at a price you can afford is key to creating a company you can rely on. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and hope to become you future auto glass provider.

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